Minor release


Easy to set up: only takes a few minutes to generate your config, connect some models, and have a basic admin panel to start iterating on.
David Lormor
David Lormor
CTO, Wyndy

2.0 launch

Avo 2.0 is finally out!

We hope you love this release as much as we loved making it. It comes with two big features and a few other improvements.

Mobile-ready design

We streamlined the UI and made it more consistent all-round. We took care of a few visual artefacts that were bugging us for a while now.

More importantly, we have a new mobile-ready responsive design that’s a joy to use on mobile devices.

The new interface paves the way for the next batch of updates we plan on bringing like custom themes, resource tools, custom resource cards, and many others.


Using the same design principles we used on Resources, we are bringing Dashboards on to help you deliver metrics, charts, and custom cards to your team and customers faster than ever.

The dashboard cards have built-in support for adding period dropdowns, auto-refresh, and multi columns/rows configuration.

Next up

We have a few things planned ahead, but one of the first things we want to pick up is the sidebar editor. If you want to find out more or want to share feedabck and ideas, please write to us on avo@avohq.io or https://avohq.io/discuss.

Most importantly, thank you for your feedback and support and for making this community awesome 🤙

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/avo-hq/avo/compare/v1.25.0...v2.0.0