Current status

Open beta

While in v.0.x.x Avo is in the open beta phase. We're putting it into the world to get your feedback and find Avo a place in your workflow.

Help us spot issues and report them in our issue tracker or on discord. Send feedback or just frop by to say 👋 hi. We're friendly!


Coming in v1.0

These are the early days of Avo, and we're shaping up the path ahead.
Here are some of the more important things we're focusing on now:

Last updated Nov. 18th, 2020

Trix fieldDone
Easily update rich html data
Markdown fieldDone
We're bringing a nice markdown editing experience to Avo
Leverage Pundit policies to build a robust and scalable authorization system
In progress
Custom fieldsIn progress
Bring your own fields into Avo easy-peasy
Localize your app for your customers
In progress
Smart resource generationIn progress
Don't start with a blank canvas
Coming soon
Custom toolsComing soon
Add even more functionality to Avo
Coming soon
DashboardsComing soon
All you info at a glance
Coming soon
Better search experienceComing soon
Search one resource or search all resources
Coming soon
Track resource changesComing soon
Be on top of what goes on in your Avo admin


Avo v0.4.10 released 12 days ago.