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The right price for you, and your organization

Avo licenses have discounted prices until all the in-development features launch.

Community version

Free forever

Free to use for commercial & non-commercial projects.


$99 /site

License for one website with unlimited updates for the current version series

* Some features are still under development


If you want to use Avo Pro in a start-up, open-source or educational product please get in touch with us for a discount.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch with us.

Can I try the Pro version?
You can try the Pro version in your development environment at any time. We will provide a trial license key if you wish to test it in your production environment. Get in touch with us.
Do you have a volume license plan?
Yes we do. Please contact us to find out more.
Can I build a site for a client and transfer the license to them later?
Absolutely. It's a common situation and we believe that website owners should also own their Avo license. Just send us a support request and we'll take care of it.
What kind of support plan does the Pro version have?
You won't be redirected from one support ticket to another while told to wait several business days. You will be getting support from the founder who has built the entire thing himself and knows every nook and cranny. Whatever your problem might be, you will receive the attention you deserve.
Do I need a different license for each environment?
No. One license per site covers all environments (development/testing/qa) for that app.