Two flavors of getting the help you need

Support from the folks who know Avo best

Get unstuck, get help planning your app, and learn about new features from Avo experts

1. Advanced hands-on support

When you really need us to look over some of your own code

Get expert, on-demand support

If your team runs into a nasty bug, rather than wasting hours or days scouring the web, shoot us a message instead and we'll get you headed in the right direction asap.

Get help planning and architecting your resources

In addition to debugging, tell us about new features or tools you're building and we'll tell you exactly how we would build them!

Get sneak peeks of upcoming features and help shape the framework

Every month or so, we'll be hosting a Zoom call where Adrian will preview new features coming to the Avo ecosystem and get your opinion on them. We'll also do an open-forum style session where you can voice any concerns or recommendations you have about the direction of the framework.


Three month commitment

One group call per month with Adrian

Three hours per month of consultancy, code, or video calls from a core team member

Extra hours available

We'll be your sparring partner for how to build your Avo app in the best manner possible.

We can do Avo-related development

We might build some Avo features to accomodate your use case

We might make adjustments to Avo to accomodate your use case

We don't do non-Avo development

This does not represent carte blanche on Avo development


Close to founders

Do you want to ensure you find our about everything we're working on and get a chance to influence the framework?


Do you want to make sure you're building your Avo app as we would build it?

Check your code

Do you need our experts to look over your code?

2. Priority chat support

Get access to a private Slack/Discord channel where the core team answers quickly.


Priority response time. Usually within an hour or two (GMT working hours), and maximum of two working days.

We'll validate your use-cases

We'll answer "How could I do that with Avo" questions

We'll try to debug scenarios from reproduction repos

We'll try to debug scenarios from messages

We don't look over your codebase

No calls or meetings


If you need priority support for a team, please reach out.


Do you have a use-case to validate and need our help?


Do you have a scenario where some configuration is not working as you expect it and would like our opinion?

Fast response

Is something not working and you need to ask a question quickly?

Who we are

  • Adrian Marin

    Author of Avo
    For more than three years he's been listening to users and shaping the framework in what it is today.

    He'll be joining the monthly calls to tell you about upcoming Avo features, to get your feedback, and to listen to any issues you're facing with Avo.

  • Paul Bob

    Lead Developer
    Paul is the lead developer and point of contact man who caters to all Avo customers and community members.

    As one of the top Avo experts, he'll be helping you get through any nasty bugs you're experiencing and helping plan your new features.

Got questions?

Reach out to us by email and we'll get back to you ASAP.