One license per URL

"How many licenses do I need if I have multiple staging environments?"

You don't need a license for each staging/testing subdomain of one application.

Avo is legit. I like the licensing scheme. Open-source community or paid for power users. Very accessible. I love the quick release cycle. Very active! Docs and videos are helpful and very easy to read. Adrian and his group have done a superb job getting the word out in the Rails community. I look forward to seeing its success in the future. Excellent product!!!
Graham Schmidt
Graham Schmidt
Software Engineer


  • You can have many test/staging URLs. As long as they are not real production apps and don't serve real customers.

We're developers too and we understand that you might need to deploy your app in other URLs before pushing to production.

This does not cover multi-URL tenancy scenarios where you have a subdomain or a custom URL for each user account. That requires a different type of license and if you'll write to us here we'd love to share more details.

Check out the related One production environment FAQ page.


Single URL licensing

Your production environment is You run a few staging servers at, for example,,,, or

For this case you don't need multiple licenses. One is enough as it covers as the production URL.

Multi URL licensing

Your production environment is You expose the same app to customers through multiple subdomains or paths at,,, or

For this scenario you need a license for each subdomain as it caters to different types of customers.
Please get in touch.

Multi URL licensing

Your production environment is You have subdomain multi-tenancy like so,,, or

For this scenario you need special licensing.
Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.