Perpetual fallback license

"Can I still use Avo if I don't renew the subscription?"

A perpetual fallback license is a license that allows you to use a specific version of software without an active subscription for it.

Avo, for me as a freelance webdev, was a gift. You can build beautiful admin panels in the true Rails spirit, fast and effective.

Not does it only look great, but it has all the latest bells and whistles from Rails, like Hotwire.

Stian Johansen
Freelance Dev


  • You can still use the version you were on when the subscription ended.
  • You will receive updates when you renew the subscription.

The Perpetual fallback license ensures that you can still use Avo after the subscription ended if you choose not to renew.

This type of license was made popular by JetBrains as they use it in almost all their products. Since then, many companies choose to license their products the same way.

This ensures that your apps continue to work indefinitely and we have the funding needed to continue working on products that make your life easier.

That means that you will remain on that current version, so no bugfixes, security, or feature updates will be provided until you renew the subscription.


Let's imagine you purchase Avo 3 on November 1st 2023, at the time on version 3.1.1. You will get a year of updates until November 1st 2024.
If on November 1st 2024 Avo reaches version 3.13.0 and you choose not to renew your subscription, you can use Avo 3.13.0 indefinitely.

That means you will not receive updates to that Avo instance from that moment on.

You can renew the subscription at any time and get back on the latest version.