The easiest way to build a Ruby on Rails admin panel

Fast to configure, easy to extend, and loved by your users.

Avo abstracts away the common parts of building admin panels, empowering engineers to work on the app's essential components. The result is a full-featured admin panel that works out of the box, ready to give to your end-users.

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Easy to set up and get started

You can start with a familiar DSL to easily declare your resources and fields. Avo will take over and do the rest. It knows how to fetch the data from your database and display it for your users in a beautiful admin with the best user interface in this space.

Inbox user interface

It knows what you need before you need it

After you build a few admin panels you start to see a pattern. You start to know what you need to create the best experience for your users. That's what Avo is. A collection of patterns accumulated over time and distilled into a beautiful package.

Customer profile user interface

Have all the tools you need to ship your app

Made by developers for developers! I bet you heard that before. Well this time you'll also agree!

Full mobile interface

Easily browse your data on mobile devices.

Simplest file uploads you've ever seen

Amazingly easy, single or multi-file integration with ActiveStorage.

Multi-tenancy ready

Scope out your data as much as you need it

Extend it with Rails code

Whenever you need to further extend Avo do it through familiar Rails code.

Fantastic CRUD UI

Create a flexible CRUD interface in no time. No more copy-pasting view and controller files around.

Stimulus JS integration

Create interactive experiences for your users


Fully translated UI

Dashboard charts, widgets, and metrics

Customize your dashboard with the tools and analytics you need.

People working on laptops

Never be afraid of lock-in!

Extend Avo using regular Rails code and partials

We're developers too. We know how it feels to be "stuck" in a piece of software so we made Avo so you can't get stuck.

Whenever you need to create something custom, you have escape hatches built-in at different levels where you can do that. At field, resource, or page level.

Use regular Rails code to add the functionality you think it's missing. From request, to controller, to partial.

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Flexible customization: Avo offers many ways to go beyond the basic built in views, forms, and actions to add additional customization to your admin solution.

David Lormor
David Lormor
CTO, Wyndy