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v0.1.10 Series: one

Released September 2020

Release notes

  • chore(deps): bump http-proxy from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1 in /spec/dummy @dependabot (#123)

๐ŸŽธ Features

  • feature: Trix field @mihaimdm22 (#107)

๐Ÿค– Maintenance

  • chore: rename the github organization @adrianthedev (#126)
  • chore: changes -> release notes in release-drafter @adrianthedev (#125)
  • chore: refresh releases on avohq.io on release action @adrianthedev (#124)
  • chore: update package gemspec @adrianthedev (#122)

๐Ÿ’ก Refactor

  • refactor: select field display_value fix @mihaimdm22 (#119)