Minor release


After many years and many systems built with Rails, I've seen the pattern where many of the same parts are built over and over again. I eventually began to wonder: Is there something like a “Ruby on Rails … on Rails”? That's what Avo is to me! It's Rails on Rails! I love being able bring tools and capabilities online for my clients without spending time on the things that are ALWAYS THE SAME. Avo is really well done. The ROI on the Pro license has been immediate, sizable, and continuous. It's a no-brainer.
James Garvin
James Garvin
Software Engineer

Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: Allow Avo::NavigationLinkComponent to accept an optional target param @rickychilcott (#685)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: Support older version of Pundit @rickychilcott (#686)
  • fix: fill model beofre authorizing an action @adrianthedev (#655)
  • Fix keyvaluefield translation (#640) @yorch (#652)
  • fix: Add 'tools' key to i18n @rickychilcott (#684)
  • fix: notifications delayed in turbo frames @adrianthedev (#678)
  • fix: some fields are hidden on the has_many view @adrianthedev (#674)
  • fix: searchable belongs to with associated record does not prefill the new form @adrianthedev (#670)
  • fix: date object alters date based on timezone @adrianthedev (#669)
  • fix: related has_many does not allow for proper resource creation @adrianthedev (#665)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: update pundit include @adrianthedev (#664)
  • chore: minor tweaks @adrianthedev (#667)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: move the root_path link in the logo partial @adrianthedev (#683)