Minor release

v2.13.0 - Customizable controls on the show page, scoped search for has_many

I've been working with Rails for almost a decade now, and I've tried every popular admin panel gem out there.
Avo is hands-down the best solution we've found to quickly iterating on products and building tools to support and administrate our platforms.
David Lormor
David Lormor
CTO, Wyndy
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Hello everyone 👋

We've got two great features going out today and a few cool things we're working on next, so let's dive in.

Product updates

  1. Customizable controls on the show page

  2. Scoped search results in has_many associations. Please beware of a breaking change documented in the upgrade guide. Paul created a script that will help you make the easy migration.

  3. Fixed a bug with failed forms not being re-submittable

  4. Fixed a bug where the heading could not be the first item in a resource

  5. Fixed a bug with the sidebar default collapsed state

New documentation website

We updated our docs website to use the new vitepress version. Vitepress is the less-opinionated Vuepress alternative. Using it felt a little like using Avo with Rails. Many years of experience building the same thing condensed into a great package.
It's fast, looks great, and is plenty customizable.

The structure has been changed a bit, so some old links might have been lost, but it's all for the better. Each field and association has its page now, and the options available are better presented to you. In addition, the search is improved and powered by algolia.
I posted better docs on installation, getting started, and tweaked the copy all-around.

We love feedback, so we made a page just for docs here 💬.

Docs spotlight

As we open up Avo's native components, we're documenting the recommended ways to use them. Today I'd like to throw your attention to the Avo::PanelComponent page, where we explain thoroughly how easy it is to create panels inside custom or resource tools.

Community spotlight

Ricky shared an excellent way of doing CSV/XSL exports with Avo Actions.

Recommended reading

You probably noticed the upcoming newsletter Short Ruby Learnings by Lucian Ghinda. You might have subscribed, but if you haven't and maybe thinking about it, let me give you the final nudge. Go and subscribe today! It's worth your time and the slot it takes in your email. It's like receiving a full review of what happened in the Ruby world in the past week in your inbox.

Good first issues

We've got 11 "Good first issue"s ready to be picked up by you when you want to digitally stretch your brain a bit.
It's the easiest way of getting your issue fixed or feature implemented with Avo.

A fantastic example is Desmond's PR to bring Action Policy support to Avo. Thank you Desmond!

Next up

We have a few things on our plate as we continue development:

  • Custom path and message after creating update and delete 1139. That will make it easier for you to control what happens after destructive actions to your records.
  • Expose native field components to the public 1138. That will enable you to create custom UIs much easier using the same DSL methods. I am very excited about the power this feature will unleash ⚡️
  • Branding 1133. Using a light customization layer, you'll be able to change the logos and colors throughout Avo.
  • Resource cards 791 are still on the table, but I just didn't have the time to finish the PR.
  • We'll improve our licenses page a bit to provide more information and the ability to change the URLs for your licenses. Until now, we haven't enforced the one URL per license rule, but we'll start doing it in the following weeks, so this refactor to the admin panel will be much appreciated.

We've been pretty busy these past weeks, and by the looks of it, we'll be busier going forward. But, I love how the community is growing and how Avo is evolving to be more and more extendable.

Please share Avo with your peers if it helped you and share your feedback.

Thank you for being awesome!
Adrian and Paul

Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: scoped search in has many associations @Paul-Bob (#1122)
  • feature: customizable resource controls @adrianthedev (#1083)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix sidebar default collapsed state @OlexYakov (#1127)
  • fix: failed forms can't be resubmitted @adrianthedev (#1135)
  • fix: heading can't be the first item in your resource @adrianthedev (#1124)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: allow empty show_controls block @adrianthedev (#1145)
  • refactor: tweak panel component @adrianthedev (#1129)
  • chore: misc tweaks @adrianthedev (#1120)

Latest release

Avo v2.51.0 released 13 days ago.