Patch release


Avo is legit. I like the licensing scheme. Open-source community or paid for power users. Very accessible. I love the quick release cycle. Very active! Docs and videos are helpful and very easy to read. Adrian and his group have done a superb job getting the word out in the Rails community. I look forward to seeing its success in the future. Excellent product!!!
Graham Schmidt
Graham Schmidt
Software Engineer

Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: resource_sidebar @Paul-Bob (#1205)
  • feature: expose native field components to the public @adrianthedev (#1138)
  • Made it possible to customise the placeholder image @iainbeeston (#1269)
  • Add turkish support @nejdetkadir (#1272)
  • feature: custom policies @bear-in-mind (#1200)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: change belongs to target to turbo frame @adrianthedev (#1307)
  • fix: via resource class returns model classes vs resource classes @adrianthedev (#1293)
  • fix: belongs_to link inside tabs @Paul-Bob (#1242)
  • fix: disable icon on disabled action @Paul-Bob (#1295)
  • fix: dangerous send methods @adrianthedev (#1281)
  • Prevent filter buttons from overlapping filter popovers @koppen (#1290)
  • fix: multiple resources per model brakes sidebar @adrianthedev (#1285)
  • fix: add html attributes to grid items @adrianthedev (#1274)
  • fix: proper turkish translation @adrianthedev (#1276)
  • fix: norwegian translations @tersor (#1267)
  • fix: recursive resources duplicated hydration @adrianthedev (#1266)
  • fix: Ensured @parent_resource was being passed down to grid items controls @bear-in-mind (#1215)
  • fix: date time broken on back action @adrianthedev (#1260)
  • fix: recursive resources broken @adrianthedev (#1261)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: minor linting tweak @adrianthedev (#1296)
  • Fix a typo on Readme Doc @devcamke (#1291)
  • chore: transform some system tests to feature @adrianthedev (#1277)
  • chore: separate tests @adrianthedev (#1264)
  • chore: update turbo to 7.2.0 @adrianthedev (#1252)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: minor tab improvements @adrianthedev (#1299)
  • refactor: minor linting tweaks @adrianthedev (#1282)
  • refactor: moved some things around in the initializer @adrianthedev (#1263)