Minor release

v2.31.0 - Forward association policies, table view type for files and filters helper

Adding Avo to my project was like adding multiple developers to my team - and that's before I even purchased a license!
Caleb Harrison
Caleb Harrison
Ruby and Crystal Developer
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

Another hefty release today. We broke a few things, fixed a few things, and released cool features.

🎸 Features

  • inheritassociationfrom_policy
  • files view type
  • Add helpers for encoding/decoding filter params

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • readonly as proc bug
  • ActiveStorage current url_options should be set as a hash of url options
  • avoid form manipulation on non-visible fields
  • tailwindcss generator
  • another approach on attachments field level authorization
  • disable sorting on id field
  • allow field visible false

πŸ€– Maintenance

  • support view component v3 by updating slot setter methods to new with_* API
  • update nokogiri
  • Remove orphan closing tags from SVGs

Breaking changes

Make sure you check your visible field option. It's going to be executed on the create and update actions, so when you create or save a record. So if you're doing some kind of check for visibility there based on the actual record, please check it out.

We are now enforcing the view_component gem with a version of 2.54 or higher in order to have view_component 3.0 working, so ensure that your app works with 2.54.

Good first issues

We have a few PRs that are easy to tackle and a few where we need help, so check them out and if you have some time we'd love to have your contributions.

Avo 3

We received about 20 requests for trying out the new Avo version 3. We'll finish up the docs and then start rolling out the closed beta.

PLRUG and other meetups

I loved going to PLRUG and Visuality.pl to speak to other ruby developers about Avo. I think that presentation not only made it click for them on how Avo works but I also highlighted a few cool things they can do with it.

So, I'm open on doing more demos like that one in your meetup, conference, or software house.

Friendly.rb is still on

We know that we were in a bit of a radio silence about Friendly.rb after the announcement of Rails World, but we're happy to say that we're still going forward with our plans in throwing the best conference where you want to go this fall.
We have some cool talks prepared, nice activities, and the best swag.
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Thanks for being awesome✌️

Adrian and Paul

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Release video: https://youtu.be/sQx1W3MiFf8
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Repo: https://github.com/avo-hq/avo
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Release notes

More information and release video here

🎸 Features

  • feature: inheritassociationfrom_policy @Paul-Bob (#1704)

πŸ› Bug Fixes

  • fix: readonly as proc @Paul-Bob (#1705)
  • Fix: ActiveStorage current url_options should be set as a hash of url options @stevegeek (#1707)

πŸ€– Maintenance

  • Chore: support view component v3 by updating slot setter methods to new with_* API @stevegeek (#1698)