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v2.5.0 - Dynamic & reactive filters

Avo is a beautiful Rails based administration system. In comparison to competitors, it wins in it's visual style immediately and that's not taking into account all of its features.

It's simple to use, has excellent documentation, and anything that is not covered is helped super quickly and efficiently by Adrian.

Highly recommended!

Neil Tonge
Neil Tonge
Web Developer, CBJ Digital

Hola amigos,

Version 2.5.0 brings a few exciting features that make Avo a bit more powerful than before.

  1. Dynamic filter options. You can now use the applied_filters object to configure your options better. This makes the filtering process even more powerful.
    Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2RsNPPFOio

  2. Filters can react to other filters. Imagine you have two filters countries and cities. You want to show only the cities from the countries the user selected in the first filter in the second one. Using react, you can do precisely that.

  3. Customize empty message text when no options are available

  4. Keep the filters panel open when choosing options.

  5. We're now exposing the record scopes to associations so you can better scope down the associated records.
    Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ee9iq2CnzA

  6. We fixed a bug where has many loses scope per page change

We love how flexible Avo becomes with every release. We hope you love it too!

Take care 🤙

Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: filter improvements; dynamic options, react to filters, empty message & keep panel open @adrianthedev (#873)
  • feature: pass record to association scope @adrianthedev (#876)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: has many loses scope on per page change @adrianthedev (#875)
  • fix: eject command broken for sidebar @adrianthedev (#874)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: fix standardrb @adrianthedev (#877)