Minor release

v2.7.0 - Resource tools, authorization in menus, and more

Data security has always been an important consideration for us, so Avo gives us peace of mind integrating with our in-house authentication system.
Santhana Karthikeyan
Santhana Karthikeyan
Developer, Cybrilla & Fintech Primitives
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Hola amigos,

This week version 2.7 brings three new features and a slew of bug fixes.


  1. Resource tools. You can now add custom content to your resource pages even more effortlessly.

  2. Authorization in the menu builder

  3. Initialize the parent on the attach screen when creating a record

  4. Fix back path from the index view, has_one name option, broken pagination on per-page switch, long names in the sidebar, and search on back action

We love this release because it makes Avo even more powerful and flexible so you can deliver the best experience to your users.

Keep the feedback incoming and share Avo with your peers ✌️

Thank you,

Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: initialize the parent and attach the grandparent in attach_scope @adrianthedev (#905)
  • feature: resource tools @adrianthedev (#898)
  • feature: authorization in menus @adrianthedev (#903)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: keep valid back_path when navigating from index @Paul-Bob (#907)
  • return field name if field is has_one @Paul-Bob (#906)
  • fix: broken pagination on per page switch @adrianthedev (#902)
  • fix: Long model names cause the navigation labels to overlap with the main content @jclarke (#897)
  • fix: broken search on back action @adrianthedev (#892)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: minor tweaks @adrianthedev (#908)
  • chore: add bundler integrity @adrianthedev (#893)