Update your partials, a few bugfixes, and quality-of-life improvements

February 21, 2022 09:15

Hey, hey, hey,

We're bringing in another release, v1.22.0, full of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

  1. NavigationLinkComponent can now accept the target: _blank argument for those external links you'd like to add to your admin panel

  2. [possible breaking change] Moved the logo link into the _logo.html.erb partial, so if you ejected that partial, you need to update it like shown here.

  3. Added proper key_value field translations. Thank you, Jorge B. (@yorch), for your contribution!

  4. Fixed the notifications delay when deleting a record from a has_many association.

  5. Some fields were hidden on a has_many and now they're visible ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Tiny update to support pundit@2.2. Also, thanks, Ricky C. (@rickychilcott), for fixing my bad PR 😅

  7. Other fixes to the searchable belongs_to, has_many, and generator

Full release notes here.

Again, thanks for making this a more vibrant community every day.

Going forward, we're making good progress with the new design and related infrastructure changes.
We're also shaping up the new pricing scheme. We're going to have the community (free) tier and two more commercial tiers to accommodate all types of customers with the level of support they need.

In a few weeks, we'll also have a new version of the website where we will surface the roadmap a bit better. We literally can't wait to show you what we're going to work on going forward.

Keep being awesome 🤙



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