Minor release

v2.11.0 - Include blank on select fields, file field and locale improvements

Avo has let me push further on the features my users benefit from most whilst trusting I am giving volunteer curators a backend experience I can still be proud of.

It's a real multiplier on the project and adopting it was undoubtedly the best technical decision we've made.

John Bannister
John Bannister
Rails developer, Exlibris RPG
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Hola amigos y amigas 👋

Avo 2.11 landed with a few enhancements and a lot of bug fixes. Let's dive in 🤿


  1. Include blank for select field

  2. Add Accept option to file fields

  3. Force a specific locale to Avo

  4. Fixed a bug with polymorphic associations not working

  5. Fixed a few bugs introduced by some paths refactor

  6. Fixed a breadcrumb bug with nested resources

  7. Fixed search for nested resources

  8. Fixed Order routes clashing

  9. Fixed a timezones bug for the date time field

  10. Fixed a bug with some generators being broken

Next up

Next, I'm focusing on improving authorization for associations and prototyping a new way of customizing actions for a resource.

I will focus a bit on the resource actions area to improve that experience. I'm talking about the place where the Save, Edit, and Back buttons are. I want to offer more flexibility in what you can display to the user. I talked more about that in the release video (15:43).

The docs should get a fresh layer of paint too. It may not happen in this release cycle, but it should definitely happen soon.

Spread the word

I'm looking for a marketing person to join the team as a part-time collaborator to help us with our marketing efforts. If you know anyone that would be good for such a collaboration, please send them my way.

I published a "Why Successful Startups Use MVPs" article on our blog and spoke on the Ruby Rogues podcast, inviting you to read and listen.

Helping out

I renamed the #help Discord channel to #community-help to better signal its purpose. If you want to ask the community for help, you can do that there, but if you want more official technical support, please use the GitHub issues page. That's the best way to describe an issue or feature request and track its resolve.

If your team needs more support with Avo and you want to be featured on our homepage, docs, and release notes as an indie developer supporting company, we have you covered! You can sponsor the project and ensure it will receive the maintenance it deserves in the future.

Thank you for being so awesome and so supportive ❤️


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Avo v3.1.0 released 2 days ago.