Minor release

v2.14.0 - Select all matching records, override destructive actions, automatic required option, and more

Avo is a beautiful Rails based administration system. In comparison to competitors, it wins in it's visual style immediately and that's not taking into account all of its features.

It's simple to use, has excellent documentation, and anything that is not covered is helped super quickly and efficiently by Adrian.

Highly recommended!

Neil Tonge
Neil Tonge
Web Developer, CBJ Digital
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Hello beautiful people,

It's that time of week again. New Avo goodies coming your way.

  1. Select all matching records Demo
  2. Custom path and message helpers for after create, update, and delete actions Docs Demo
  3. Automatically determine required fields from validators Demo
  4. Tabs as pills Docs Demo
  5. Readonly as a block Demo

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Crashes with file attachments and failed validators
  • Reset filters on a has_many would redirect
  • date value changed on direct submit
  • wrong cancel button path when creating from has many
  • inline_svg path fixes
  • act_on policy method not working for show view
  • redirect back to parent if deleted from parent
  • search pagination unlimited causes crashes

🤖 Maintenance

  • readme tweaks
  • add action testing examples
  • update to heroicons to v2
  • corrected a typo in avo.rb

💡 Refactor

  • progressbar component visual tweaks
  • use inline_svg gem

There hasn't been a lot of chatter on the Discord this week. It could be that we haven't pushed too many bugs to production in the last release 😅 or it's just vacation time everywhere.

Speaking of vacations, I'm going to take some time off next week. I'll still have my laptop with me, so write if you run into issues.

Recommended reading

Short Ruby Newsletter has been smashing it this week so go check out the news you might have missed.

Easy PRs

We've got about 5 good first issues for you to pick up if you want to stretch that brain.

Again, an amazing release with great features that hopefully solve a few painful problems for you guys.

Release notes: https://avohq.io/releases/2.14.0
Release video: https://youtu.be/peKt90XhdOg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avo_hq
Repo: https://github.com/avo-hq/avo

Thank you for being awesome!
Adrian and Paul

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Avo v3.1.0 released 2 days ago.