Patch release


Avo has allowed us to develop and release apps rapidly even with very few developers working on them. We can focus our efforts on domain logic and custom design where it really matters. Every other Rails CMS is difficult to style or scale or add custom fields, but Avo has been a dream throughout. It's been a game-changer for us.
Iain Beeston
Iain Beeston
CTO, Thrivve Partners

Release notes

More information and release video here

🎸 Features

  • Feature/mapkick area map @Bergrebell (#1699)
  • Resource index map component @fastjames (#1679)
  • Add autocomplete field option @fastjames (#1714)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • [Fix] When initializing an Action any class variables should be set to nil if appropriate @stevegeek (#1720)
  • fix: hydrate resource properly on form submission @Paul-Bob (#1712)

🤖 Maintenance

  • Upgrade postcss-* npm packages @fastjames (#1721)
  • Upgrade eslint NPM packages @fastjames (#1722)
  • Remove outdated @tailwindcss/jit @fastjames (#1716)
  • Upgrade css-loader npm library @fastjames (#1723)
  • Update postcss npm packages @fastjames (#1717)
  • Add Rails 7.0.x to the test matrix @fastjames (#1715)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: use mapkick options for area field @adrianthedev (#1730)
  • refactor: use Host for map view proc @adrianthedev (#1728)
  • refactor: default the cache store to filestore @adrianthedev (#1727)