Patch release


I was hand-rolling an admin dashboard for this community database of third-party RPG content. It was painful for them to use but this morning I just dropped Avo in and suddenly it's a dream!

Means I can focus on the user-facing stuff without worrying about neglecting the data entry people ๐Ÿคฃ

John Bannister
John Bannister
Rails developer, Exlibris RPG

Release notes

More information and release video here

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixes

  • fix: customstreamsactions.js @Paul-Bob (#2281)

๐Ÿค– Maintenance

  • [js] Update heroicons 2.0.18 โ†’ 2.1.1 (minor) @depfu (#2266)
  • [ruby] Update erb-formatter 0.3.0 โ†’ 0.6.0 (major) @depfu (#2223)
  • chore: remove ujs @Paul-Bob (#2256)
  • [js] Update prettier 2.5.1 โ†’ 2.8.8 (minor) @depfu (#2263)
  • [js] Update regenerator-runtime 0.13.9 โ†’ 0.13.11 (minor) @depfu (#2264)
  • [js] Update esbuild 0.14.25 โ†’ 0.14.54 (minor) @depfu (#2257)
  • [js] Update postcss-preset-env 8.3.2 โ†’ 8.5.1 (minor) @depfu (#2258)
  • [js] Update chartkick 4.1.1 โ†’ 4.2.0 (minor) @depfu (#2255)

๐Ÿ’ก Refactor

  • refactor: equal width columns in rows @adrianthedev (#2267)

For more information, check out Avo's release notes page