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I can't believe I just learned about Avo! After trying it for 10 minutes, it was the easiest purchase ever. I used RailsAdmin before and had so many upgrading issues. Besides that, Avo is so much simpler to configure and build.
Michael Koper
Michael Koper
Founder of

Release notes

More information and release video here

🎸 Features

  • feature: override auto-generated data attributes @adrianthedev (#2428)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: detach when using view *_fields api @Paul-Bob (#2436)
  • fix: fetch cards only when necessary @Paul-Bob (#2454)
  • Stop file field from hiding filename @iainbeeston (#2431)
  • fix: fetch cards only when necessary @Paul-Bob (avo-dashboards #31)
  • fix: authorize menu items @Paul-Bob (avo-pro #61)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: update heroicons @adrianthedev (#2453)
  • chore(deps): bump the bundler group across 1 directories with 1 update @dependabot (#2451)
  • 🚨 [security] [ruby] Update nokogiri 1.16.0 → 1.16.2 (patch) @depfu (#2450)
  • chore: new dashboard colors @adrianthedev (#2446)
  • [js] Update all Yarn dependencies (2024-02-01) @depfu (#2439)
  • [ruby] Update all Bundler dependencies (2024-02-02) @depfu (#2442)
  • Update links to Roadmap in @thedatadavis (#2444)

For more information, check out Avo's release notes page