Minor release

v3.7.0 - Money and Record Link fields, `for_attribute` option, linkable association titles

I am a RoR developer and currently designing an admin panel with AVO. AVO is so intelligent and we can make our admin panel within hours. Thanks @adrianthedev for making this.
Ali Haider
Ali Haider
Ruby on Rails developer, Equipe Technique
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Hey @everyone, today's huge release involves fixing some bugs, supporting many edge cases, making some performance improvements, and adding a couple of fields.

Big changes

  • Money and Record link fields
  • for_attribute field option (huge DX improvement)
  • callable chartkick options
  • linkable association titles
  • configurable pagination
  • boolean_group computed options
  • fixed a table caching issue
  • improved resource controls display
  • fixed actions eager loading edge-case
  • improved performance in the belongs_to field

Full release notes with links on avohq.io

Balkan.rb was a beautiful, authentic experience

The Avo team visited the Balkan.rb conference together. We stayed at a cool AirBnB, where we had some brainstorming talks about Avo's future and some hacking sessions, where we worked on a few things that were on our minds but hadn't had the time to pick up.

Next up

We have a few things cooking up that we know you'll love.

Gabriel is working on giving Avo full support for alternative IDs. Avo already supports all (tested) ID obfuscation gems like friendly_id, prefixed_id, hashids, and more to obfuscate/change the URL param, but this change will ensure that the id is not being leaked in other forms or DOM helpers.

Gabriel also started the dashboard-wide filters feature, which will enable you to add global filters/ranges that will influence all your cards.

Alex is a friend, not a member, but he participated in last week's hackathon and built the calendar view to complement the table, grid, and map views. You'll be able to visualize your records on a nice calendar layout and configure a few things. It'll still be in alpha, but it will give you a good sense of what's coming.

Paul has been quick to refactor a few things and make the dynamic filters configurable. Yes, you heard that right. Fully configurable dynamic filters 🤯.
You'll be able to configure the label, conditions, type, icon, and (you've guessed it), query.
This is extremely powerful, and we have heard you need this.

I've been a bit unavailable in the development area in the past two to three months, but I'm still eager to do some coding.
I started to add cover and profile photo support to the record show page. This started as a "two-hour time-boxed feature", but ended up eating so much more of my time as I'd like to make it a bit more extensible.

I started working on the second iteration of the dynamic fields. While brainstorming with Paul and Gabriel we figured out that the initial approach was not "perfect" and had quite a few flaws.
We're trying a new approach, so stick around to see where we get with this.

We also spoke a bit about the audit logs. Another feature that we thought it was going to take us "a few weeks" to get done but ended up blowing up with the possibilities.
I know the audited and papertrail gems are great, and we use them in this implementation, but you should wait to see how powerful Avo becomes with this enabled 🚀


Of course, the big news is that we are joining TinySeed's Spring 2024 batch. We wrote a few words about that on our blog, so please give that a read, but the gist is that the most desired bootstrap investment fund and accelerator program invested in Avo and will help us grow to the next level 💪

Big news, significant changes shipped, and more to come.

We can't thank you enough for believing in Avo ❤️

Thanks for being awesome!

Adrian, Paul, and Gabriel

Release notes: https://avohq.io/releases/3.7.0
Release video: https://youtu.be/UakzUQn_rsU
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avo_hq
Repo: https://github.com/avo-hq/avo
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Release notes

More information and release video here

🎸 Features

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: check if ActionText::RichText is defined @Paul-Bob (#2741)
  • fix: resource controls spacing issue @adrianthedev (#2740)
  • fix: table cache @Paul-Bob (#2734)
  • fix: cachetablerows @Paul-Bob (#2733)
  • fix: don't export avo.custom.js build @Paul-Bob (#2731)
  • fix: render background context when accessing extrernal action links @Paul-Bob (#2730)
  • fix: actions eager loader @Paul-Bob (#2726)
  • fix: eager load actions @Paul-Bob (#2719)
  • fix: check proper dir for internal controller override @Paul-Bob (#2712)
  • fix: bad animation for menu on reload @adrianthedev (#2704)
  • Add disableeditingvalues for key_value field @gabrielgiroe1 (#2663)
  • fix: index header and rows visibility @Paul-Bob (#2549)
  • fix: detach action record @Paul-Bob (#2690)
  • fix: actions layout @Paul-Bob (#2692)
  • fix: leaky global defaulturloptions @adrianthedev (#2694)
  • fix: ActionText support for trix field @Paul-Bob (#2639)
  • Render text area newlines @krystof-k (#2678)
  • Add missing migration to dummy app @krystof-k (#2676)
  • fix: preserve page when go back from resource show page (#1555) @dmitrytrager (#2652)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore: add record_link field to gemfile @adrianthedev (#2705)
  • [js] Update all Yarn dependencies (2024-04-18) @depfu (#2701)
  • [js] Update all Yarn dependencies (2024-04-12) @depfu (#2685)
  • chore: prepare for record_link field @adrianthedev (#2684)
  • [js] Update all Yarn dependencies (2024-03-31) @depfu (#2644)
  • chore: performance tweak on boolean group field and select field @Paul-Bob (#2682)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: tweaks and money field preparations @adrianthedev (#2669)
  • Don't affect unspecified options in boolean group @krystof-k (#2677)

⚡️ Performance