Advanced authorization rules for associations, resource description, better support for STI and edge-cases models

February 07, 2022 15:06

Hey guys and gals,

Another big release today that brings a few features, fixes some compatibility edge-cases, and improves the general development experience.

  1. Advanced authorization rules for associations. Now you can control showing and hiding buttons on the associations pages in a more granular way using these methods attach_{association}?, detach_{association}?, view_{association}?, edit_{association}?, create_{association}?, destroy_{association}?, act_on_{association}?. Docs
  2. Add descriptions to resources to better illustrate what the resource does. Docs
  3. Add scopes to associations. Docs
  4. Custom labels for associations. Docs
  5. Added a text filter generator. Docs
  6. Add Create button on has and belongs to many associations.
  7. You can now hide the global search if you don't need it. Docs.
  8. Improved compatibility with models using two names (TeamMemberships), models that sit behind namespaces (Course::Link), and models using STI (class Spouse < Person). STI docs
  9. Made a minor detail tweak for Windows users.
  10. Replaced Webpacker with jsbundling and cssbundling 🎉. The builds are so much faster, and you and your users won't get impacted at all. The assets pipeline is extracted away as usual on deployments.
  11. Made a minor tweak to set the model before authorizing the controller method.

Full release notes here.

There are a lot of changes in this release, but it's all for the best. Quite a few tests cover our code, but please let us know on our issues page if we broke anything for you.

Many thanks go out to our contributors who sat with us troubleshooting issues and helped make Avo better for everyone, Jonas R, John B, and Jorge B.

Next, we're focusing on improving our infrastructure in some areas ( and the docs) and bringing two significant features: dashboards and theming.

We still have a few surprises for you. So if you're curious, reach out to us.

Thank you,