Associations fixes and some maintenance

February 28, 2022 13:11

Hey, hey, hey

Version 1.23 is live. We pushed a few versions last week but the more important changes are:

  • Belongs to polymorphic fails to save records sometimes. That's fixed.
  • Fixed duplicated alerts and converted them to view_components to improve performance
  • Some association fields were hidden in has_many index views
  • Updated StimulusJS to the latest version
  • Fixed a bug with the KeyValue field deleting the wrong item
  • Fixed a bug where action downloads weren't working properly
  • Fixed a bug that was reloading the whole page when a user clicked a sidebar item
  • Added some initial work for multilingual content

Full release notes here.

We have implemented the first iteration of the new theme. Going forward, we're tweaking it and adding mobile support and expect to finish the feature this week.

Thank you for being awesome and coming forward with ideas and feedback 🤙