Subscription update

Upgrade your subscription from Avo 2 to Avo 3

November 28, 2023 08:35

We announced Avo 3 last week and had great echoes from you, fine folks. Thank you for that!

What's happening with Avo 2?

We are a small team, and we can't support two products that do similar things. Focusing on Avo 3 means that we can ship faster and better.

Avo 2 will go into a bug-fixing phase (4 months) and then a security fixes phase (another four months).

Should I upgrade to Avo 2?

That means you should upgrade your Avo 2 apps to version 3 to get the latest features. But that means you are now going from a $250/year subscription to a $350/year subscription.

It might look like we have incremented the major version number to force current users to upgrade to a higher subscription.
That is not the case. We are not building that kind of business.

That is my oversight, and I apologize if that made you feel "betrayed" or "held for ransom".

Avo 3 upgrade discount

All Avo 2 customers will receive a $100 upgrade discount to upgrade from Avo 2 Pro to Avo 3 Pro while keeping the same subscription cost.

That means you can safely upgrade without any cost difference.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

Because of bureaucratic reasons, I had to change the Stripe account, and the upgrade is not seamless.
The upgrade process goes like this:

  • you write to us at and tell us you license key and that you want to upgrade
  • we'll cancel the v2 subscription, refund what's left, and send over a discount code
  • you purchase a new v3 license from
  • use the $100 discount code on the checkout page
  • at this point, you'll still have a 14-day grace period on your v2 license, so your app continues to work until you upgrade your code to v3.

What if I already purchased Avo 3?

If you already purchased Avo 3 and paid full price or the Black Friday discounted price, write to us with the Avo 3 license key and we will refund the difference.

You purchased Avo 3 Pro at full price ($350): We will refund $100 and set the subscription to $250/year
You purchased Avo 3 Advanced at full price ($500): You keep that tier upgrade.
You purchased Avo 3 Pro at Black Friday price ($262,50): We will refund $12.5 and set the subscription to $250/year
You purchased Avo 3 Advanced at Black Friday price ($375): You keep that tier upgrade.


This offer will be available six months from Avo 3's release until May 21st, 2024.


We are not in the business of trapping people, and I apologize if I made you feel that way.

We want to provide value to you through our products.

Thank you for writing about this.