Custom fields & Trix attachments in the 🏠 house

April 26, 2021 13:41

We have another big release today ✨

Custom fields

If any of the 20+ standard fields that come with Avo are not enough, you can add your own. With a quick bin/rails generate avo:field command, you'll scaffold a new field and add whichever functionality you need to Avo.

The docs section shows you how to build the progress field as a custom field.

Progress bar field

While we were thinking of an excellent example for a custom field, we built the progress bar, and in the end, it was too pretty not to add it to the list.

Trix attachments

From now on, the Trix editor supports file attachments through Active Storage. Check out the docs to see how quick and easy it is to set it up.

Improved status field design

Since the beginning, we weren't pleased with the design of the status field. Today we pushed a refactor to fix that.

Profile drop-down

Someone told us on our Discord server that Avo doesn't have a sign-out button, so we added one on the navbar. We hope you like it as much as we do.