Minor release

v2.8.0 - Stimulus JS integration, and tons of tiny features and bug fixes

Data security has always been an important consideration for us, so Avo gives us peace of mind integrating with our in-house authentication system.
Santhana Karthikeyan
Santhana Karthikeyan
Developer, Cybrilla & Fintech Primitives
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Hello friends,

Biiiig release today. We took a break last week but we bring a lot of goodies in this release so let's dive in:

StimulusJS integration 🔥 You can now make your forms and CRUD interface a lot more dynamic.
Demo video

Custom blank text on select filter from @Paul-Bob. All filters have the empty_message option as a placeholder.

Added the ability to run an action silently. You can now run actions silently without responses. That's useful when you need to redirect from an action.

Access the resource and model in the action visibility block by @marschattha.

Allow singular name on has fields from @Paul-Bob. This makes the has_one, has_many, and other associations a bit more flexible to display.

Added link_to_resource to the external_image_field component by @teenu4 💪

Expose the global param in search. You now know what kind of search was performed. Global or one resource.

Refactored the logo partial to support more mobile-friendly use-cases.

Enabled ranges in all dashboard cards

Fixed a few bugs: Sidebar menu collapsed state; broken search for uncountable resources (fish); broken breadcrumbs when creating through associations, translation keys on resources and fields not displaying properly.

A lot of fixes under the hood to make the experience faster and more pleasant to work with.

Removed gendered language from our readme file with the help of @afomera. We also went through our docs pages to make sure they are inclusive.

We are incredibly grateful to our community for making this project even more awesome and inclusive.

We'd love to hear from you what have you've been building with Avo, so let us know on Discord or on Twitter ✌️

Release video:

Release notes:

PS: We're looking for funding, so if your company has a sponsorship budget we'd love to talk and see how we can help each other.


Release notes

🎸 Features

  • feature: expose stimulus hooks @adrianthedev (#923)
  • feature: custom blank text on select filter @Paul-Bob (#928)
  • feature: add the ability to run an action silently @adrianthedev (#940)
  • Access resource.model in action visibility @marschattha (#933)
  • fix: allow to put singular name on has fields @Paul-Bob (#926)
  • added linktoif to externalimagefield component @teenu4 (#921)
  • feature: expose global param in search @adrianthedev (#913)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: sidebar menu collapsed state @adrianthedev (#941)
  • fix: search broken for uncountable resources @adrianthedev (#936)
  • fix: show proper breadbcrumbs on associated create view @adrianthedev (#935)
  • fix: translation keys for resources and fields @adrianthedev (#931)
  • Remove max limit on tags field @jdbann (#927)
  • Fix rotation of move to top button @jdbann (#910)

🤖 Maintenance

  • chore(deps): bump jmespath from 1.5.0 to 1.6.1 @dependabot (#945)
  • chore(deps): bump rack from 2.2.3 to @dependabot (#930)

💡 Refactor

  • refactor: logo partial tweaks @adrianthedev (#938)
  • refactor: enable range in all cards @adrianthedev (#937)
  • refactor: move fields logic to concern @adrianthedev (#915)
  • refactor: move cards to their own controller @adrianthedev (#912)

💄 Style

  • Remove gendered language @afomera (#918)

Latest release

Avo v2.51.0 released 13 days ago.