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Avo 3 launched!

November 11, 2023 10:00

This is it! Avo 3 stable is out there! It's on, it's on the GitHub repo, and it's open-source.

Avo 3 is the version of Avo we always wanted to build. It condenses all our learnings for the past three years into a few cool packages.

We improved the APIs and the developer experience.
We added features that you requested and some that we always wanted.
We made Avo even more customizable based on your valuable feedback.

Avo 3 features and big changes

I still owe you a video highlighting all the new features. I will pay that debt in the following days.
Until then, you can check out this page to see all the cool new features and changes.
Some of the highlights are:

  • resource cards
  • dynamic filters
  • custom controls everywhere
  • resource scopes
  • custom components for fields and big views
  • panel layout improvements
  • new fields API with specific methods for each view
  • eject command improvements

What are we working on next?

Avo 3 is not finished yet. We will continue to provide the same cadence of one release every two weeks you are used to. Some of the things we want to focus on in the near future are:

  • Theming
  • Improvements to the dynamic filters
  • Custom resource adapters
  • Dynamic fields
  • Nested records creation
  • Resource tool in fields

Please follow our Roadmap for more information about that.

What happens with Avo 2?

Avo 2 will go into a light bugfixing period of 4 months and security updates for another 4 months. We recommend everyone that uses Avo 2 to upgrade to Avo 3.

All features from Avo Pro 2 are available in Avo Pro 3 but one. The show controls feature was a beta feature and was moved in the Advanced tier in Avo 3.

All Avo 2 customers will receive a perpetual $100 discount code for Avo 3 Pro so you can upgrade without a price change.

When you are ready to upgrade please write to us.

Black Friday deals

We love deals and we bet you love deals too so we're preparing something cool for everyone.
Visit regularly this weekend as we'll post new deals every day.


If you're in Switzerland this weekend let's meet up in Bern at Helvetic.rb. I'll have pins and stickers for everyone. Also discount codes ❤️

Thank you!

We want to send out a big thank you to our closed and open beta testers, our sponsors, and technical support customers for working so closely with us to polish the product into what it is now.

We also want to thank our wonderful community for the support, feedback, and love sent in the past three years.
We wouldn't be here without it.

We still have many ideas and a lot of work in front of us. Job not finished.

Stay cool and stay positive!

Adrian and Paul

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