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Launch that bottom drawer project

November 30, 2022 10:47

If you have a never-launched product in the bottom drawer that you just think, "it's a failed project", I'm here to tell you that it didn't fail yet.

If you didn't launch it, you made it fail! You never gave it a chance!

Give yourself an hour to put it online, post it in a few relevant communities, and get some quick feedback.

That's it! One hour, not the whole glorious vision of the perfect product that you have in your mind.

Depending on the product, here are a few places where you can post it:

  • reddit
  • Twitter
  • Twitter communities
  • GitHub awesome lists
  • LinkedIn
  • Schedule a quick product hunt
  • Discord servers
  • maybe Quora
  • think about adjacent industries and where those users hang out
  • retweet this article with your product launch

In the following weeks, monitor those posts, and the feedback coming in and draw some conclusions. You'll probably get a lot of "this is not useful" feedback. Try to get in touch with those people and ask why they gave that feedback. You'll learn a lot about the industry/niche you're trying to enter and whether it's worthwhile to keep working on the project.

Two things can happen:

You end up with good feedback to continue the work and turn it from a project to a product

You'll shut it down and still feel good about making, launching, and showing it to the world

These are both successful outcomes. Keeping it in the bottom drawer is not.

Go and put your product out there ๐Ÿš€

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