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v3.10.5 v3.10.4 v3.10.3 v3.10.2 v3.10.1 v3.10.0 - Customizable Dynamic Filters, Click row to go to record, profile and cover photos and mooooore v3.9.2 v3.9.1 v3.8.2 v3.8.1 v3.8.0 - Action list icons, action dividers, better confirm modals, and preparations for dashboard-wide filters v3.7.4 v2.51.0 v3.7.3 v3.7.2 v3.7.1 v2.50.0 v3.7.0 - Money and Record Link fields, `for_attribute` option, linkable association titles v3.6.4 v3.6.3 v3.6.2 v2.49.0 v3.6.1 v3.6.0- Action icons and dividers, ordering in grid view, and improved composite primary key support v3.5.8 v3.5.7 v3.5.6 v3.5.5 v3.5.4 v3.5.3 v3.5.2 v3.5.1 v3.5.0 - Drag and Drop Reordering, TipTap Field, and Show Distribution v3.4.4 v3.4.3 v3.4.2 v2.48.0 v3.4.1 v3.4.0 - Search highlight, menu renderables, better resource tools, and reload associations v3.3.6 v3.3.5 v3.3.4 v3.3.3 v3.3.2 v3.3.1 v2.47.0 v3.3.0 v3.2.3 v3.2.2 v3.2.1 v3.2.0 - Better errors, durable and bookmarkable tabs, and the default admin panel in Bullet Train v3.1.7 v3.1.6 v3.1.5 v3.1.4 v3.1.3 v3.1.2 v3.1.1 v3.1.0 v3.0.8 v2.46.0 v3.0.7 v3.0.6 v3.0.5 v3.0.4 v3.0.3 v2.45.0 v3.0.2 v2.44.0 v2.43.0 v2.42.2 v2.42.1 v2.42.0 v2.41.0 v2.40.0 v2.39.0 v2.38.0 - A couple of cool additions and Avo 3 Public Beta in a week v2.37.2 v2.37.1 v2.37.0 - Custom destroy methods, tabs improvements, and getting close to the Avo 3 open beta v2.36.3 v2.36.2 v2.36.1 v2.36.0 - Icons on menu items, format_using and update_using hooks v2.35.0 - Displaying multiple fields in a row 🤯 v2.34.6 v2.34.5 v2.34.4 v2.34.3 v2.34.2 v2.34.1 v2.34.0 - Security release and a few bugfixes v2.33.3 v2.33.2 v2.33.1 v2.33.0 - Quality of life improvements and plenty of bugfixes v2.32.6 v2.32.5 v2.32.4 v2.32.3 v2.32.2 v2.32.1 v2.32.0 - Index map view, area field, and autocomplete option v2.31.0 - Forward association policies, table view type for files and filters helper v2.30.2 v2.30.1 v2.30.0 - Location field and hide file names v2.29.1 v2.29.0 - Search result path and better mount point discovery v2.28.0 - Field-level authorization, card visibility modifier, and fetch labels for tags v2.27.1 v2.27.0 - Dynamic tags field, find record method, manually register resources v2.26.0 - Bugfixes and improvements v2.25.0 - Avo 2 fixes and Avo 3 preview v2.24.1 v2.24.0- A few bugfixes, 2022 Survey, and what's coming in Avo 3 v2.23.2 v2.23.1 v2.23.0 - Timezone callable and a few bugfixes v2.22.0 - Authorization for dashboards and associated scopes v2.21.0 - Callable action messages, disabled field option, better authorization in associations v2.20.0 - Arguments on filters and actions, keep action modal open and select field fixes v2.19.0 - Persistent filters, auto-generated resources, better STI support, and more callable field options v2.18.0 v2.17.0 - Resource sidebar, native field components, custom policies and more v2.16.0 - Skip show view, advanced fields on actions, create button on has_one association v2.15.3 v2.15.2 v2.15.1 v2.15.0 - Branding and automated JS and Tailwind CSS assets installation v2.14.2 v2.14.1 v2.14.0 - Select all matching records, override destructive actions, automatic required option, and more v2.13.1 v2.13.0 - Customizable controls on the show page, scoped search for has_many v2.12.0 - Use custom resources for has_many, fields in resource tools, and so much more v2.11.0 - Include blank on select fields, file field and locale improvements v2.10.2 v2.10.0 - Tabs and panels in beta v2.9.0 - Actions on edit, required takes a block, menu labels and more v2.8.0 - Stimulus JS integration, and tons of tiny features and bug fixes v2.7.0 - Resource tools, authorization in menus, and more v2.6.0 - Tags field, attach_scope for associations, visual improvements, and more v2.5.1 v2.5.0 - Dynamic & reactive filters v2.4.1 v2.4.0 v2.3.0 - Menu editor, custom sortable rules and custom text alignment index view v2.2.2 v2.2.1 v2.2.0 - Allow via detaching and hide record selector v1.25.1 v2.1.1 v2.1.0 v2.0.0 v1.25.0 v1.24.2 v1.24.1 v1.24.0 v1.23.0 v1.22.4 v1.22.3 v1.22.2 v1.22.1 v1.22.0 v1.21.0 v1.20.1 v1.20.0 v1.19.0 v1.18.2 v1.18.1 v1.18.0 v1.17.1 v1.17.0 v1.16.4 v1.16.3 v1.16.2 v1.16.1 v1.16.0 v1.15.0 v1.14.0 v1.13.3 v1.13.2 v1.13.1 v1.13.0 v1.12.4 v1.12.2 v1.12.1 v1.12.0 v1.11.6 v1.11.5 v1.11.4 v1.11.3 v1.11.2 v1.11.1 v1.10.3 v1.11.0 v1.10.2 v1.10.1 v1.10.0 v1.9.1 v1.9.0 v1.8.4 v1.8.3 v1.8.2 v1.8.1 v1.8.0 v1.7.3 v1.7.2 v1.7.1 v1.7.0 v1.6.1 v1.6.0 v1.5.5 v1.5.4 v1.5.3 v1.5.2 v1.5.1 v1.5.0 v1.4.4 v1.4.3 v1.4.2 v1.4.1 v1.4.0 v1.3.5 v1.3.4 v1.3.3 v1.3.2 v1.3.1 v1.3.0 v1.2.10 v1.2.9 v1.2.8 v1.2.7 v1.2.6